Porsche Lovers, This is How I Made $40K in 4 Months from a NEW 992

I have always been a fan of Porsche’s, but these days, there is just more exciting cars out there to drive. I still have a lot of appreciation for the brand, don’t get me wrong. But I seem to get more excited by the profit I make off my Porsches vs how I feel when I am behind the wheel.

For example, I made just over $40k by driving a NEW Porsche 992 Turbo S Cab, want to know how, keep reading.

2021 992 Porsche Turbo S Cab 

MSRP NEW: $215,000

Good Mileage: Under 3k

Options Preferred: Design package, Sound package, Crest on Seats, Carbon Interior, PASM Lowering, Sport Exhaust, and Matrix Headlights

Nice options (Not mandatory): 5 Star Wheel Pack, Extended Leather Pack

Warranty: 4yr/50,000 miles

Cost Breakdown

Purchase price: $235,000

Financing: Cash

Total payments: N/A

Other expenses during (4) months:

  • Service: N/A
  • Mods: $9,000 wheels and $1,500 suspension
  • Repairs: N/A

Total Invested For (4) Months of Ownership: $10,500

Sold: $289,000

Total GAIN/LOSS of ownership: $43,500

GAIN/LOSS Divided into Monthly ownership: $10,875/month

Comments: Bought the car from Porsche Forums from a private seller who was struggling to sell due to low options. But most cars were selling for $50k over sticker at the time, so was still a good buy at $20k over sticker. Based on the low options, great color and added wheels, the car was a great buy for someone at under $290k when others were selling for $310k.



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