2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S – Super Loaded is an Understatement

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Notes From PJ

Clean Turbos with good options are hard to come by, here is a great example of a car with a 195k sticker, super loaded is an understatement. The features you will rarely find on another one together are black/red combo, Pano Roof and Burmester Sound. Color combo is incredible and it passed PPI already. For the last 3 years the 991 Turbo S market has been at the same dollar giving some an easy 4K miles to drive free here especially with this color combo and option package. We've had multiple car finders have major success with these cars and some coming away with profits in 2020. On this one we had a car finder who couldn’t come up with a financing so here we are. First come first served.
Great and easy first hack for someone.