2016 Rolls Royce Dawn – Only 13k Miles and $400k MSRP

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Notes From PJ

My favorite car of all time is here and one of the most epic hacks out there.

This has 5000 free miles. Its a super high over 400K sticker and a bespoke configuration that is stunning in person. Car is pristine, I know it inside out from its last two owners. Passes PPI except for tires and tires were replaced. Last Car finder couldn't get insurance so their loss if your gain. Act fast on this.

This will become your favorite car of all time. I like mine better than any SVJ, PISTA etc... Its as EPIC and perfect as it comes. Car is ready to go. Its the best dawn deal on market for a bespoke spec with lower miles and perfect PPI. I know EVERY dawn on market.