Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind

Introducing A Faster and Easier Way To Hack Cars…

Join the Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind To Dramatically Shortcut Your Way Into Your First Exotic Car

Includes Access To Our Exclusive “Hack Ready” Done For You Deals Group, Weekly Premium Car Deals Newsletter, And A Live Weekly Mastermind Call With PJ

Wish there was a faster and easier way to hack cars?

One that didn’t involve hours of research and second guessing yourself?

I get it, the car hacking journey can be scary.

Dealing with dealers, making sure you buy at the right price, selling your car without losing money, keeping up with market trends...

It can all get pretty complicated.

Which is why I created the Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind. 

As a member of the Mastermind, you’ll get:

  • Hand-picked Car Deals Newsletter. Get the best hackable car deals online delivered directly to your inbox every week. Don’t worry, I did all the hard work - including figuring out the target buy and sell prices so you don’t have to. 
  • Weekly market update calls with me (PJ). Every week I host a private weekly mastermind call where I cover market trends, up to date car hacking strategies, and answer any questions you have. Can't attend these live? No problem you'll also get an email recap plus access to the recordings ASAP.
  • Get exclusive access to my “Hack Ready” deals. Every car listed is "hack ready" and approved by me. These are cars I personally have in stock and not on consignment. All you literally need to do is buy and drive. 
  • Archive of all market update calls. Want a quick and easy way to access all of PJ’s up to date car hacking knowledge? Get instant access to the full archive of market update calls that are easily sorted and filtered down by make and model. 

The Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind Is For You If…

You want to save time

Look, you only have so many hours per day.

And with family, work, and other obligations...it can be tough sometimes to dedicate time to car hacking.

Inside the Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind, not only will you get access to my Hand-Picked Car Deals Newsletter but you’ll access my “Hack Ready” Facebook Deals Group.

Both resources are aimed at making the car hacking process as easy as possible for you.

Hell, with the “Hack Ready” deals, you literally just need to buy the car.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

You want to save money

Figuring out the right buy and sell price for your car is crucial to your success.

Luckily in the Hand-Picked Car Deals Newsletter, I did all the hard work for you and figured out the correct buy and sell prices so you don’t have to.

Also with the “Hack Ready” deals, you don’t have to figure out the price.

All the cars are owned by me and I sell to you at a price that gives you plenty of margin to exit the car without losing money.

You want to keep up with the Market and latest trends

The car market is constantly evolving.

Trends change and prices on certain models will adjust accordingly.

I’m in the unique position where I get to see how a lot of cars move thanks to all the data from my students in Exotic Car Hacks and my alternative investment firm VIP Motoring where I invest in exotics on a client’s behalf.

In the Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind, you get access to a weekly call with me where I go over the latest trends in the car market.

This way you’ll never miss a beat and always stay ahead of the competition.

You want direct access to me

On my weekly calls, I also block out some time at the end of each session to answer any questions you have.

Feel free to ask anything related to car hacking or the car industry. I’m an open book and will help you out the best I can.

If you wanted to book a 1-on-1 call with me today, it would literally cost you $499.

But as part of the Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind, you get direct access to me every week for just $59/month. 

What Members Have To Say About The Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind...

Join The Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind Today - Only $59 Per Month. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Joining the Exotic Car Hacks Mastermind is simple.

It’s a flat $59 per month.

There are zero contracts.

And you can cancel anytime you want.

No surprises and no hidden fees.

Um...that’s it.

Like I said, simple.