Take Your Hacking To The Next Level With Our New Part Deux Advanced Training

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Have you noticed I’ve been hacking new cars every few months lately like the Huracan, 570S, and NSX? Have you also noticed that all my cars never remain stock, and at the bare minimum, always get a set of wheels, suspension lowering, and exhaust? Do you ever wonder how I can get financing for loans worth well over $500k+ at the same time?

There’s a good reason to all this madness, and I’m ready to share my recent findings with you. I’ve put together a brand new advanced training for Exotic Car Hacks called Part Deux that will teach you these topics:

Lesson 1 – Introduction

This is a complete introduction to Part Deux: Advanced Wealth Transfer strategies and what you can expect from this compared to the original training course.

Lesson 2 – Mindset Training

Mindset is really important with wealth transfer. That’s why I have a very brief, but dedicated section that will train you on re-thinking everything you think you know about conventional methods of buying cars, leveraging money, and common out-dated myths that no longer hold true.

Lesson 3 – Wealth Transfer

The basis of turning all liabilities into assets starts with wealth transfer. This is the most critical part so we have an in-depth lesson on understanding wealth transfer, bottom cash value, risk exposure, and more.

Lesson 4 – Anatomy of Car Hacking

In this section we dive deeper into what car hacking is really about. You may think the overall premise of car hacking is to buy low and sell high, but in reality there are a lot more moving pieces than just that.

Lesson 5 – New Car Hacking

I want to share with you a few lessons I have just previously learned. In the past year, I decided to buy not one, but three BRAND NEW cars (Lamborghini Performante, Acura NSX, and McLaren 570S) to better understand if they had the potential to be hacked. What did I learn? You will find out in this section.

Lesson 6 – Lending and Financing

To give you a better idea for the financial aspect of the hacking experience, we have an entire section on understanding the backend of financing and lending, including how you can increase your odds of getting approved. A lot of the leverage we have to make money on these cars is in the money itself.

Lesson 7 – Negotiation Strategies

I will share with you all the negotiation strategies I have perfected from doing deals for over two decades on not only cars but watches and homes too. The principles are crucial to learn if you intend to take your hacking game to the next level; as buying the right car at the right price is half the battle.

Lesson 8 – Dealer Networks

Relationships with dealers are critical if you intend to make hacking a part of your daily life. My dealer networks have enabled me to get the best deals anywhere for the past ten years. Now I want to teach you how I’ve become some dealers best friends, even though I am stealing their cars without offending them.

Lesson 9 – Becoming a Dealer

If you have dreamed about opening a dealership, I go over the steps necessary to become a dealer. Full disclosure: it is easier for some than it is for others, based on where you live and your resources. However, if you are tired of dealing with shady dealerships in your area or can’t seem to make a connection with a dealer, then this may be the best route for you.

Lesson 10 – Selling Techniques

I show you how to really get the most out of your hack through selling. I have been in sales for long over 15 years and sales has become a second language to me. There are plenty of variables that will need to be controlled in order to make the sale successful, so watch along as I help you identify and control these variables to ultimately help you close your hack strong.

Lesson 11 – Modifying Cars

Stock cars are boring right? In this section we’ll discuss how to properly modify your cars. There are certain mods that do better than others in terms of resale. When it comes to aftermarket parts, you’ll need to understand that sometimes even though YOU like it, the masses do not. With this understanding you’ll be able to add a personal flair to your exotic properly and even sell it for a premium in the long run.

Lesson 12 – Brokering

I rarely talk about brokering but it has become a very lucrative investment channel for me. I’ll be sharing one of my practices with you I don’t normally talk about. On my two last brokering deals I made over a quarter million dollars. The concept itself is easy to grasp, but it takes skill to ensure maximum results and that is what I want to teach you.

Lesson 13 – Taxes

Believe me I hate taxes just as much as the next guy, but they should never stop you from owning your dream car… even if you live in California where sales tax is near 10%. Just like cars can be hacked, taxes can be hacked too and it’s all LEGAL.

Lesson 14 – Live Buying Examples

Watch over my shoulder as I negotiate cars live. You’ll see how I approach the dealer, what tactics I use to let them know I am legit right off the bat, and how I select the deals that will ensure my profit on the resale standpoint.

Lesson 15 – Conclusion

We wrap up Part Deux and what we’ve learned over the last 9+ hours. Each Part Deux purchase comes with a FREE 30 minute consultation with me, and this section explains how to schedule your call.