Car Finder Service

Too Busy Or Lazy To Hack A Car? Let Me Do It For You. 

With My Car Finder Service, I Will Source Your Car, Handle All The Negotiation, And Help You Through The Entire Process 

The Car Finder Service Does All The Work For You

It doesn’t get any easier than this...

I always recommend people hack their own cars, but let's face it, some of us are just too busy, and need a little bit of help to ensure we aren’t missing anything.

That’s right...

  • You don’t have to do any car research.
  • You don’t have to negotiate with dealers or private parties.
  • You don’t have to worry about missing red flags.
  • You don’t have to worry about shady dealer practices.

The ONLY thing you have to do is sign up for the Car Finder Service, tell us what you want, and we will help you source your exotic or luxury car.

It really is that simple.

Here’s How The Car Finder Service Process Works

Step #1: Fill out the application at the bottom of this page

Just some basic questions about yourself and your dream car (make, model, budget, etc…)

Step #2: Wait For Someone To Reach Out To You In 24-48 Hours

We might need to ask you a few more questions about the car you want and ensure everyone’s expectations are realistic & clear.

And if everything looks good, you’ll move on to step #3.

Step #3: Send your payment

Once we understand what you are looking for and match it to our ability to source it, we will send you the payment link, we will send you a payment link.

The cost of the Car Finder Service is a one-time investment of $1,499 for cars under $100k, and $1,999 for cars at or over $100k. A typical brokerage service would charge OVER $5,000 to source ANY car. This price is limited to members ONLY.

There are no hidden costs, contracts, or fees.

Step #4: Get A Loan For Your Car (Or Prove Available Cash)

Being ready to buy and having your funds ready are some of the most important steps of the process.

In order to acquire a car, you need cash or an auto auto loan (which I cover in the Exotic Car Hacks Training).

Everyone who hacks a car must go through this process.

This is something we can’t do for you, since we can’t get a loan on your behalf, nor do we control your bank account. 

Step #5: Sit Back, Relax And Wait For Us To Present You With Options

That’s it.

You’re done.

Congrats! My team and I will be hard at work sourcing your car for you over the coming weeks.

We’ll do the research, handle negotiation, help you review your inspection/PPI report, and even provide guidance on shipping your car.

Of course, we’re available if you need anything or have questions along the way.

What Past Clients Have To Say...

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