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Let’s talk about investment cars today. In particular, the five investment cars no one is talking about that have BIG upside because no one is buying them right now.The “right now” part is important, because eventually the market will catch up to these, and they will never be available at today’s prices again.​​Here they are (in no

When it comes to the world of sporty sedans on the road, there are a few that reign supreme: BMW M6 GC, the M5, the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG, the Porsche Panamera GTS, and the Cadillac CTS-V. However, there is another that should be on that list but often isn’t: the Audi RS7. The RS7

The simplest way to predict the future value of any car is to research the market.  Frankly, I’ve been doing this long enough that “I just know”.. but that’s not an acceptable answer. If I was starting from scratch with no car knowledge and I had to learn all over again, here’s how I would

One of the best parts of understanding the insider strategies we teach is the fact that you can actually buy your exotic or luxury car at a dealer’s trade-in value (or below) and SELL your car for dealer retail – all without actually being a dealer. I’ve written and posted often about how to find target buy

title jumping

One of the most common questions we get here at Exotic Car Hacks is some variation of “Can I flip the car without registering it?” Most states won’t allow people to transfer titles from the previous owner to their buyer (also known as title jumping) without a dealer license, because you’re acting as a reseller,

Based on the state of the currency values, importing or exporting cars from Canada can look like an attractive proposition, especially for exotic cars. The US dollar has been consistently stronger than the Canadian dollar since the start of 2012, so you could leverage this for watches and cars. This is something Canadian buyers and

A common question I get is “Does Exotic Car Hacks work on any car? Or only exotics?” The answer is a complicated “Yes, but…” Yes, my strategies work on all cars – but it works best on exotics and specialty cars because of the margins and supply and demand. Here’s what I mean. Margins You