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You have heard referred to in some of the hottest rap and hip-hop songs on the radio. You have maybe even seen one on the road in the wealthier parts of your town/state, but what do you really know about Bentley’s first SUV, the Bentayga? Some say the release of the Bentayga was what provoked

An Exotic Car Hacks member named Travis just sold the R8 he bought two years ago… And he lost $11,000! He must have done something wrong, right? $11,000 loss is certainly not “driving for free”… So what gives? Is Exotic Car Hacks a scam? How did he screw this up so bad if he had

Even if you never become an Exotic Car Hacks member… Even if you never even buy a high-performance luxury or exotic car in your entire life… Even if you don’t actually like cars (not sure why you’d be reading this but still)… The contents of this blog post can save you $100,000+ over the course of your

Luxury SUVs  seem to be what everyone is looking for these days, and we can’t say we aren’t part of that “everyone”. If you have been a member of Exotic Car Hacks, you know that the Porsche Cayenne has been a favorite and top-ranking model on our Best SUV’s to Hack list, but now the

How many times have you heard commercials on the radio where car dealers are offering big money over retail for your trade-ins or discounting cars to “their cost” for President’s Day? What about friends who tell you they “pulled one over on the dealer” by buying the car for the dealer’s cost? Chances are you’ve

Let’s talk about investment cars today. In particular, the five investment cars no one is talking about that have BIG upside because no one is buying them right now.The “right now” part is important, because eventually the market will catch up to these, and they will never be available at today’s prices again.​​Here they are (in no