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This isn’t a car I have talked much about when it comes to hacks in the Aston Martin realm or the grand tourer body style. And I am not entirely sure if I regret that or not, maybe you can tell me your thoughts when you finish reading. Created as a replacement for the DB9,

I know some of you will think I lost my mind when you see this is the most recently posted Buyers Guide. I promise you I haven’t. Well, not yet anyway. The Cadillac Escalade is one of those SUVs that is underrated in the hack world. Perhaps that is my fault as I have always

Why do people fail at car hacking? Today we’re going to talk aboug what exactly to AVOID DOING. Because of inexperience, people tend to fail for simple reasons… Whether they were uninformed, misinformed, or lacking the negotiations skills… They could have done SO MUCH BETTER if they knew exactly what to avoid. Let’s get started.

So, you’re ready to buy your first exotic car. Congratulations! This is a major accomplishment, but can also be a very scary process for the uninitiated. In this blog post, I’m going to teach you what you should be doing TODAY… To make sure your 1st exotic car purchase experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Throughout 2021 I talked a lot about the car market in general, I talked about cool specs and options that made cars worth their weight in gold despite the insane price gouging going on in both the new and used car market.  But in 2022, I want to steer away from these topics and focus

I had to just say one of the hardest goodbyes I have had to say in a long time. My beautiful 1 of 3 PTS VooDoo Blue Porsche 911 GT3RS is leaving me and I am going to miss her dearly. BUT I will be wiping away my tears with some big money. I bought

It is no secret that the exotic car market (actually, the entire car market), right now is going INSANE. And I bet you are wondering the same things thousands of other people are wondering: “How do I buy an exotic car in this market? Is this the right time to buy a car? Should I

While you may have heard that the market insanity is due to the chip shortage creating such high demand and the supply chain is to blame for the lack of new inventory, there is a lot that isn’t being said that can contribute to the market being at the state it is in now. A