Exotic Car Hacks Ultimate Package – Thank You

Congrats on Becoming the ULTIMATE Car Hacker!

A few important things to know. Read everything below before continuing…

1) Part Deux Advanced Training

You will receive several emails including order receipt and welcome email to Part Deux. If you already have an account at Exotic Car Hacks, please login first and then click here to access Part Deux (bookmark this link). You can also find your access link right on your member dashboard.

2) Car Finder Service

You have successfully reserved your Car Finder Service. Please note that you have up to 12 months from purchase date to use this. When you are ready, please fill out this application (must be logged in) so we can better understand what you are looking for. Under “Additional Notes” put your order #.

3) Luxury Car Hacks

You also have access to Luxury Car Hacks. Please find your access link right on your member dashboard.

4) Mastermind

Your mastermind access is now granted which includes access to the private weekly market update calls with PJ, newsletter deals, and pre-hacked Exclusive Deals Facebook Group. You’ll receive the newsletter every Monday. Mastermind calls are held every Monday at 8PM EST. Recordings and all the archives can be accessed through the link on your member dashboard. Please note that your Mastermind access is valid for one year at time of purchase. In order, to retain access moving forward you’ll need to enroll in a subscription. You will NOT be automatically enrolled or charged.

5) Further Assistance

If you still need assistance, or if you used a different email to sign-up, please contact us ASAP.