Introducing Project Nemesis

It started with an idea that the baby McLaren is far from being a baby at all. It’s simply a better driving experience than its big brother the 650S and even its newest step brother, the 720S.

While in its stock form it isn’t as fast on a straightaway, it much more capable with a few tweaks.

I felt the need to spend 5 months with my first 570S about a year ago to really understand how driver focused the car is and what it really lacks. The answer is absolutely nothing, it is by far the best bang for the buck under $200K anywhere for any reason.

Where else do you get modern design and technology, incredible performance and a badge notorious for millions dollar cars?

In addition to all that, you get doors that go up and so to me the 570S is an important car because it delivers where all others fail. It understands the driver.

After selling my last one, I felt compelled to go buy yet another 570S, but this time spec this perfect car brand new. A white on black car with red accents, MSO all carbon edition meaning every black piece of trim was made in carbon for my specific car.

After owning the car a few months, I decided it was about time to show the world what the best McLaren ever made can be like if enhanced just a bit in every single category.

We thought of all options, looked at all aftermarket support parts and decided to do something unique in design. We decided to do what McLaren had done with every car except the 570S, we decided to be extreme which is when Project Nemesis begun

It would remind people of the incredible power the car had.  A perfect addition that is honestly far from pricey and yet creates a very enjoyable driving experience.

 Stage 1: 

We reached out to Wheels Boutique in Miami and worked with them to come up with the perfect set of Frozen Gold HRE P203 Monoblock wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber.

Of course wheels are never right without a drop and this is when we reached out to Velocity AP for a set of perfect springs. While they do not slam the car like many other manufacturers, we have yet to find a better quality spring that lowers height and actually keeps the ride quality to the same if not superior to the factory setting (rare thing to find).

 Stage 2: 

While the car looked good, everyone feels that it needs a wing, but after looking at all manufacturers of wings, we felt that everyone of them was completely ruining the look of the car by attaching the wing to the top of the car.

While the wings all looked good, the actual design of the pillars looked awful to us. Everything was a just a subtle hint better than stock or simply didn’t look it belonged.

We knew that increasing the rear of the design required a switch to the front too which is why we reached out to VORSTEINER through our friends at EVS Motors who worked with us to spec a full carbon version of the entire Stage 2 kit they had to offer.

While a little on the pricier side, the kit was extreme while keeping true to the essence of McLaren and honestly enhancing the car to look more like a P1.

This drastic change took a week to install thanks to Excell Auto Sport and Service who not only helped us install this, but also helped us wrap our white car to satin pearl white making the frozen gold wheels pop even more.

With a chassis attached wing, wider front bumper and retaining our all carbon spec we were certain that we had made the right choice.

Stage 3:   

POWER, POWER, POWER. We needed more power and while McLarens are fast, what we wanted was the perfect turbo spool to go along with that very fast looking big wing we put on.

Reaching back to VELOCITY AP for their power kit allowed us to add a set of downpipes, exhaust, and tune to not only enhance our performance specs past a 650S, but also to add a sound that would remind people of the incredible power the car had.  A perfect addition that is honestly far from pricey and yet creates a very enjoyable driving experience.

 Stage 4: (coming soon)

There is much more to do to this car but again in due time. Expect some one of a kind final upgrades to complete our project in the coming weeks but for now, just enjoy these photos of what has quickly become, the nicest and most incredible 570S ever built.

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