My New $200k British Stablemate

Another week, another car. I want to introduce you to my latest acquisition.

It’s orange, got tons of carbon fiber, its very fast, and anyone more than 190 lbs probably won’t fit in the $10,000 carbon fiber seats.

If you guessed the new 2016 McLaren 570S then you guessed it right.

I recently had an itch for a car who’s doors went up.

While I looked at the LP640 (the one I sent out in our car deals newsletter last week), I just don’t enjoy driving the Lambos so I tend to stay away, especially after the awful review on my last Huracan.

What I do enjoy more than a McLaren is being able to drive one for free for a few months, let alone the latest and greatest 570S, a car that while being significantly cheaper than the 650S and 675LT, drives a 100% better than both.

Here was my reasoning on why I chose the 570S over the 650S.

  • I enjoy the design much more, both inside and outside.
  • It drives like a true sports car, its agile, fast, responsive, and driver focused.
  • It doesn’t have much room to depreciate.

Since this is Exotic Car Hacks, not Motor Trend, I am going to focus on that 3rd point there: the depreciation schedule.

Auction pricing on these cars is all over the place (like the Huracan) showing an average of $190K on wholesale numbers, but yet every car going through wholesale is a low option car, which means there are many retail buyers for these cars RIGHT NOW especially when loaded.

The McLaren MP4-12C, despite being terrible, is still holding in mid $150s to $170s for newer models, and good colored and optioned McLaren 650S cars are holding at the $205K line and holding hard.

That said, the 570S new is $250K well optioned and has already lost $50K on the used market.

BUT it doesn’t look like it will hurt as bad as the 650S and 675LT did coming on to the market and here are some reasons why.

  • The other line ups are holding, and haven’t moved in 6 months (good sign).
  • There are no major discount on remaining 570S cars sitting on lots new.
  • There is no incentive by McLaren to move those cars hard.
  • There is high demand (due to extremely positive press) and low supply.
  • The line-up is ending in favor of the new GT and 540 (Canadian) which will dominate the mid $150K market leaving the 570S around the $175-200K mark.

All this indicator made me confident that the 570S will be solid choice for the next 6 months or so of fun, assuming I don’t get bored any earlier.


That said, this car including all taxes paid may still be a better bet than the Huracan I drove for 3 months for less than $3,000.

Some call it luck. I call it an educated guess 🙂

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