Introducing Project “White Widow” – My New 2018 Performante Spyder

I know what you must be thinking…

“Another BRAND NEW Lamborghini Huracan Performante?!”

I even asked myself that question at one point, but after the last few weeks of owning this incredible beast for the second time, the answer to that question is a strong “Hell yes!”

You may remember a few months ago my 1-of-1 Blu Glauco Performante was flying around every corner of the internet, being an extremely hot topic in the car community.

But as much as I loved her and that color, I had to sell her.

One of the most important things I teach at Exotic Car Hacks is never to get emotional over cars and to always love money more, so when I got an offer on my Blu Glauco for exactly what I paid after 7 months of ownership and over 3,000 miles of fun…. I just couldn’t say no.

Would you?

The Performante is by far one of the greatest exotics ever made and while I couldn’t wait to get into another one, it would be impossible to get another one-of-a-kind car. I had to switch it up, and doing so led me to a unique opportunity to get into the Spyder version.

If you follow my tax loophole strategies as taught in Part Deux, then you already know that I couldn’t allow over $20K in state tax to disappear, so I had to make a choice and make it fast.

The Spyder made more sense due to its newer and more limited platform as well as its sold out status across the US for the next 7 months.

Thanks to my friends at Lamborghini Palm Beach, I was actually able to find one, and a loaded one at that, with a $365K sticker including just about every option available.

I had more faith based on my understanding of the car market on the Spyder over the next 6 months than the coupe.

There was only one problem: it was white.

I am not a fan of white Lamborghini cars (quite boring if you ask me), but the primary objective is and always has been to drive for FREE first, thanks to the my hacking strategies– so a white Performante Spyder found its way into my driveway.

I wanted to do something different with this Performante though, and having owned one before, I knew exactly what the car was capable of on its own and what it could do with a few modifications. The first thing I did was throw ADV1 Wheels on to replace the basic black center locks which are horribly ugly IMO.

I had these center lock optioned wheels on my last car too, and unfortunately due to my lack of selecting the mag ride option on my coupe, lowering it was a nightmare.

This Spyder, however, does have mag ride and lowering it was as easy as calling my friends at Velocity AP who make the best progressive springs for any car out there. I’ve had a knack for choosing some incredible wheels for my exotics in the past, but this time I really outdid myself.

These ADV1’s are the ADV10MV series in titanium brushed finish in a 20/21 combo fitted with Pirelli tires with a massive 325 rear end. Truly a flawless combo as you can see from the pics.

Special thanks to my friends at Excell Auto Sport & Service for a flawless install and making sure my ghost links were also installed on the front lift to avoid any failures of OEM operation.

The results are what I consider today the hottest Performante Spyder on the road currently, and while the color isn’t my first choice, we do live in a world where $2000 and a wrap can fix that.

Be sure to follow along over the next few months to discover if buying a Performante Spyder was indeed the right choice financially as I will review my cost of ownership once the car is sold, and the full case study will be posted here shortly.

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