Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Buyers Guide

The unveiling of the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera in 2018 marked a significant milestone for the Aston Martin brand, positioning it as the new flagship to replace the esteemed Vanquish S. The DBS Superleggera was meant to elevate Aston Martin's legacy in the competitive landscape of high-end sports cars.

Designed to serve as the pinnacle of Aston Martin's lineup, the DBS Superleggera distinguishes itself with a combination of sophisticated elegance and brute force. Under its sculpted hood lies a 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine, delivering 715 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. This powertrain is expertly mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, ensuring a driving experience that is both exhilarating and smooth.

The engine in the DBS Superleggera is identical to that of the DB11 AMR, except for several electronic modifications that release an additional 4.4 psi of maximum turbo boost, bringing an increase of 85 hp and 147 lb-ft of torque.

Despite no alterations to the internal components, Aston Martin replaces the DB11's less robust transmission with ZF's higher torque capacity 8HP95 eight-speed automatic transmission, pushing power through a carbon-fiber propeller shaft encased within an aluminum torque tube. It also is slightly sportier than the DB11 and the Vanquish that came before it.

The Superleggera badge, Italian for "super light," hints at the extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the car's body, contributing to a reduced weight and improved performance dynamics.

Given the shared foundational elements between the DBS and DB11, their familial resemblance in styling comes as no surprise. Although the doors and glass remain identical across both models, every other aspect undergoes a transformation, turning the new Aston into an entirely different beast.

While the DB11 strikes a chord with its elegance, the DBS Superleggera takes on a more seductive stance, featuring flares and contours strategically placed to showcase its prowess and purpose.

Fortunate purchasers have the option between the coupe and the Volante convertible versions. Both variants boast identical top speeds, yet the Volante particularly stands out for its stylish appearance when its soft top is retracted.

Its competitor includes the Ferrari 812 Superfast, which also offers performance, luxury, and technological innovation to rival the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera in the high-performance sports car segment.

Nothing says you’ve arrived elegantly than an Aston Martin. 

Model Changes (Breakdown by Year)

2019 Aston Martin DBS

The 2019 model is the first full year of production for the DBS Superleggera, which replaced the Aston Marin Vanquish. 

Featuring a 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine that produced 715 hp.

It has a beautiful distinctive design that is aggressive, yet elegant. The starting price was around $307,000 and slotting it with the Ferrari 812 Superfast, and Bentley Continental GT.  

2020 Aston Martin DBS

In 2020, Aston Martin unveiled the DBS Volante, catering to those who want to experience the full symphony of the V12 engine. Tipping the scales at a substantial 4,107 pounds, it is unmistakably 300 pounds more than its coupe counterpart, the fixed-roof DBS.

Mechanically, it had the same engine as the previous year. 

There are five new wheel designs on offer, alongside the addition of contrasting leather upholstery choices. 

The starting price for the DBS Volante was $307,000.

In addition, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," Aston Martin released a special edition coupe named after the movie. This exclusive edition was limited to just 50 units.

The starting price for the DBS 50th anniversary was $399,000.

2021 Aston Martin DBS

For 2021, the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera received minor updates that included, the DBS Studio Collection option package with premium audio, quilted and perforated leather trim, black aero pieces, and a unique steering wheel, optional full titanium exhaust available on all models and black chrome badging available. 

Aston Martin also introduced a limited-production 007 Edition model to celebrate the launch of James Bond's latest adventure, No Time to Die. The Aston Martin DBS 007 Edition celebrates the legendary British secret agent, James Bond. This exclusive edition features several unique design features distinguishing it from the regular model.

Externally, the DBS 007 Edition showcases a special Ceramic Grey paint complemented by black-tinted carbon fiber details on the front splitter, diffuser, and mirror caps. It is equipped with custom 21-inch wheels that have diamond-turned surfaces and black brake calipers for an added touch of sophistication.

Internally, the 007 Edition enhances its cabin with exclusive touches, including black leather and Alcantara trim with red detailing reminiscent of Bond's classic Aston Martin DB5 seen in "Goldfinger". The seating features the 007 emblem embroidered into it, while the door sills are illuminated with a "DBS 007 Edition" plaque, adding to its unique appeal.

Only 25 of these DBS 007 Edition were produced, and their starting price was $365,000.

2022 Aston Martin DBS

For 2022, the DBS removed the Superleggera name from its title, yet the car remains largely unchanged. A fresh 21-inch wheel design makes its debut, and the DBS introduces pre-configured interior themes named Create, Accelerate, and Inspire, each offering a distinct aesthetic and ambiance.

For those desiring a custom-tailored interior, an extensive array of options and features remains available to enhance the DBS's cockpit.

2023 Aston Martin DBS 

The 2023 model year is set to be the finale for the existing DBS coupe and convertible, with Aston Martin celebrating its culmination through the introduction of a limited-edition model named the 770 Ultimate. 

Aston Martin plans to produce only 499 units of this special model, allocating 300 for the coupe variant and 199 for the convertible, or Volante, version. Each 770 Ultimate will boast 759 hp, presumably derived from an enhanced iteration of the twin-turbo 5.2-liter V-12 engine found in the standard DBS.

The base price for the 770 Ultimate Coupe started at $450,000 and the 770 Ultimate Volante started at $475,000.

Aston Martin DBS Common Problems

The Aston Martin DBS is a high-performance sports car. It's built to deliver top performance, so it's really important to keep it well-maintained. This means it should be taken care of by a professional who is up-to-date with the latest knowledge and uses the newest tools. 

It is essential to keep in mind that all cars, even supercars, can have issues and it is crucial to perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) from an authorized dealer or experienced independent mechanic to reveal all issues.

Leaky Oil Pan and Timing Cover: These leaks pose a significant risk of severe engine damage if overlooked. They signal underlying weaknesses in the engine's sealing mechanisms, necessitating prompt attention to prevent escalating into more substantial engine failures.

Squealing Brakes: This is a common complaint from DBS owners, it does not compromise the vehicle's safety but can significantly detract from the overall driving pleasure. It suggests that the brake components may be predisposed to producing noise under specific operating conditions, possibly indicating the need for improved material or design considerations.

Exhaust Gasket Leaks: Leaks in the exhaust gasket can directly impede the vehicle's performance and its emissions control, pointing to potential flaws in the exhaust system's design or material durability. Such issues require immediate attention to maintain optimal performance and environmental compliance.

Faulty O2 Sensors: O2 sensors play a crucial role in managing the engine's air-fuel mixture. Faulty sensors can result in inefficient engine operation, reduced fuel economy, and increased emissions. This issue underscores the importance of sensor accuracy for maintaining the engine's performance standards.

Electronic Issues: The range of electronic problems can vary widely, affecting everything from the infotainment system to essential vehicle operations. Some owners have complained about the stereo randomly stopping working. 


2020 Superleggera Volante vehicles

Airbags (Recall no. 20V604000)

The front seat airbag fasteners may not have been tightened correctly.

2019 DBS Superleggera Coupe vehicles

Airbags (Recall no. 19V806000)

The locking nut fasteners on the passenger airbag may not be tightened properly.

Maintenance and Ownership Costs

The Aston Martin DBS is a special car, therefore it is a unique experience that only a few people get to enjoy. It's important for potential owners to understand the maintenance and ownership costs associated with these Aston Martin’s.

Here is the suggested service schedule and intervals per Aston Martin:

10,000 MILES or 12 MONTHS

  • Synthetic engine oil and filter replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • 131-point factory maintenance inspection

20,000 MILES or 24 MONTHS

  • Synthetic engine oil and filter replacement
  • Replace the in-cabin air filter
  • Tire rotation
  • Replace brake and clutch fluids

30,000 MILES or 36 MONTHS

  • Synthetic engine oil and filter replacement
  • Replace the engine air filter
  • Tire rotation
  • Ancillary drive belt replacements
  • 131-point factory maintenance inspection

Here is a rough estimate of typical service costs associated with the Aston Martin DBS:

  • Oil Change - For an independent mechanic, the cost can be as low as $300, while dealers may charge around $600. The price variation is due to the specialized oil and filter that Aston Martins requires.

  • Minor Service - This usually includes an oil change, cabin filters, and engine air filters. Expect to pay about $1,200 at an independent shop and around $2,000 at a dealer.

  • Major Service - This comprehensive service typically includes everything in a minor service plus spark plugs, brake fluid flush, and transmission fluid flush. The cost for this service at a dealer can be around $3,000.

  • Tires - A set of high-performance tires suitable for the DBS, such as the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, can cost around $1,500 to $2,500 depending on specifications and retailer.

  • Brakes - The brake pads for the Aston Martin Vantage can cost about $1,000 for a full set of OE equivalent aftermarket pads. While the rotors on these vehicles are durable, if replacement is needed, it can be quite costly, sometimes exceeding $2,000 per rotor.

These costs are estimates and can vary based on location, the specific model year of the DBS, and the choice of service provider. It's also worth noting that Aston Martins, like all high-performance vehicles, require specialized care, and using qualified technicians or authorized dealers is always recommended to maintain vehicle integrity and value.

In addition, it is worth noting new Aston Martin models come standard with a 3-year/unlimited-mile warranty that covers many of the above services. They also offer 10-year/unlimited-mile anti-perforation warranty coverage.

Options List

The Aston Martin DBS offers a wide range of options for customization, significantly enhancing both its exterior and interior. One of the primary choices is the exterior pack, featuring a gloss black tint on the 2x2 carbon fibre twill for the bonnet louvers, side louvers, roof strakes, and mirrors. This option adds a sophisticated and aggressive touch to the car’s appearance.

Additional exterior upgrades include colored brake calipers, smoked tail lights, Aston Martin black badges, and lightweight forged wheels. A titanium sports exhaust is also available, which not only reduces weight but also significantly improves the car's sound, providing a deeper and more resonant exhaust note that enhances the driving experience.

The interior provides even more opportunities for personalization, with pre-configured themes such as Create, Accelerate, and Inspire. Each theme offers distinct aesthetics and ambiance, allowing owners to tailor their DBS to their personal tastes and preferences. These interior themes are designed to cater to different styles, ranging from sporty and dynamic to luxurious and opulent.

Accelerate - Duotone
Includes: Driver Seat, 16-Way Power; Passenger Seat, 16-Way Power; Seat Upholstery, Synthetic Suede/Premium Leather; Smooth Rolled Leather with Micro Perforation and Dark Satin Chrome Jewelry. This option provides a sporty yet elegant feel, combining high-performance materials with refined finishes.

Accelerate - Monotone
Includes: Driver Seat, Thigh Support 16-Way Power; Passenger Seat, 16-Way Power; Seat Upholstery, Synthetic Suede/Premium Leather; Smooth Rolled Leather with Micro Perforation and Dark Satin Chrome Jewelry. This option focuses on a uniform color scheme, emphasizing a sleek and cohesive interior look.

Create - Duotone
Includes: Driver Seat, Thigh Support 12-Way Power; Passenger Seat, Thigh Support 12-Way Power; Quilted, Perforated and Embossed Features. The Create theme offers a more traditional luxury feel with intricate detailing and premium craftsmanship.

Inspire - Duotone
Includes: Driver Seat, Ventilated Thigh Support 16-Way Power with Memory; Exquisitely Crafted Perforation Patterns and Quilting, Culminating in An Opulent and Luxurious Interior; Passenger Seat, Ventilated 16-Way Power with Memory. This theme focuses on comfort and luxury, with ventilated seats and high-end materials.

Inspire - Light Duotone
Includes: Driver Seat, Ventilated Thigh Support 16-Way Power with Memory; Exquisitely Crafted Perforation Patterns and Quilting, Culminating in An Opulent and Luxurious Interior; Passenger Seat, Ventilated Thigh Support 16-Way Power with Memory. The Light Duotone option offers a brighter and more airy interior, ideal for those who prefer a lighter color palette.

Inspire - Monotone
Includes: Driver Seat, Ventilated Thigh Support 16-Way Power with Memory; Exquisitely Crafted Perforation Patterns and Quilting, Culminating in An Opulent and Luxurious Interior; Passenger Seat, Ventilated Thigh Support 16-Way Power with Memory. This option focuses on a single color scheme, emphasizing a refined and sophisticated interior.

The DBS Studio Collection package further enhances the interior with premium audio systems, quilted and perforated leather trim, and thicker carbon fibre steering wheels. This package allows for a higher level of customization and luxury, providing a truly bespoke driving environment. Additional attractive options include a carbon fibre interior package, which adds sporty and high-tech elements to the cabin.

Popular exterior options include upgrading to metallic and satin color paints, adding a premium touch to the vehicle's appearance and ensuring it stands out even more on the road. These paint options not only enhance the car's aesthetics but also its durability and resale value.

Many DBS owners enhance their cars' exclusivity and value by participating in the Aston Martin Q program, a factory-in-house customization service offering unique exterior colors and bespoke options. This program allows customers to personalize their DBS with options not available in standard production models, such as unique paint colors, special materials, and exclusive design features.

Vehicles from this program are highly sought after and command a higher market premium due to their exclusivity and unique features. The Aston Martin Q program ensures that each car is a unique reflection of its owner's personality and tastes, making it a true collector's item.

Key Options

  • Carbon fibre exterior package
  • Create, Accelerate, and Inspire interior
  • Upgraded wheels
  • Titanium sports exhaust
  • Carbon fibre interior
  • Optional paint
  • Aston Martin Q paint/options

2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Options List

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Price and Values

The Best Aston Martin DBS To Buy

When it comes to buying a DBS, there are a few key factors to consider that can affect the car's long-term value.

For Aston Martin DBS’s that will most likely hold value will be the limited variants such as the DBS 50th anniversary (1 of 50 made), DBS 007 Edition (1 of 25 made), and the DBS 770 Ultimate (1 of 499 made). These were all produced in limited numbers, and are desirable to collectors.

In terms of market stability, your best bet would be 2019 to 2022 and up Aston Martin DBS.

As hybrid technology becomes more widespread among cars, V12 internal combustion engines are becoming highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts in the current market.

In addition to limited edition models, the condition and mileage of the car are also important factors to consider when buying a DBS. The ones that are more likely to retain their value in the long run and will fetch the most money will be a well-maintained car with low mileage.

Therefore, it's important to do your research, compare prices, and look for well-maintained cars if you are considering purchasing a DBS with the goal of not losing any money.


For ($200,000+), the Aston Martin DBS is an extraordinary choice for a grand touring supercar that will turn heads wherever you go.

While the alternative is a Ferrari 812 Superfast, the Aston Martin DBS offers an unmatched blend of British charm, beautiful design, and a level of elegance that is hard to beat.

If you’re in the market for a DBS, you can rest assured that you will not regret your decision.

Car Hacking Shortcuts

  • Limited edition models will be sought after (DBS 50th anniversary, DBS 007 Edition and the DBS 770 Ultimate)

  • 2019 to 2022 model years are great hacks

  • Spec matters: Look for any Aston Martin Q colors or optional colors. Carbon exterior package is also desirable

  • Optional interior packages: Create, Accelerate, and Inspire

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