How I Sold My Porsche GT3RS for $65K Profit

I had to just say one of the hardest goodbyes I have had to say in a long time. My beautiful 1 of 3 PTS VooDoo Blue Porsche 911 GT3RS is leaving me and I am going to miss her dearly. BUT I will be wiping away my tears with some big money.

I bought this GT3RS right in the midst of the pandemic. That is right, when everyone else was scared to buy, I was out there with my checkbook in hand ready to make deals. 

This is nothing new to me, I did the same thing back in 2008, and I told you all to do the same right in the midst of 2020, but did you listen? I hope some of you did, because if you got even 1/10 of the kind of deal I got with this GT3RS, you won.

I didn’t talk a lot about my GT3RS on my channels or socials, but I had this Porsche for over a year now. Shout out to Joe at Porsche of Pittsburg for making the buy experience so absolutely incredible.

Let me tell you why this GT3RS buy was so spectacular and why even the guy who bought it from me is getting a win too.

I bought this specific GT3RS for a few reasons, and it was what made letting her go so hard:

  1. Original sticker of this car was $228k which is insanely high for the year. Meaning it has almost every single option from the factory like the houndstooth seats, the wheels, the leather paneling on the interior, the lower alcantara dash, full carbon interior, the dual headlights, the PTS exterior color, etc.
  2. The rarity of the color to the year of production, in 2016 VooDoo blue was still a PTS color and only 3 were made in this color.
  3. The wheels on this particular car were the same MAG wheels off of the 918 in white gold, these wheels alone are a $30k option.
  4. The aftermarket modifications are insurmountable, the PCM from the 2019 GT3RS was added so there are front and rear cameras. The plastic covers for the vents, rear and side rockers were also upgraded to the 2019 GT3RS pieces. Even the diffuser was upgraded from the 911R that better protects the exhaust which is insanely rare and shows massive attention to detail which I appreciate. The car is also fitted with headers, exhaust, and tune to make it more exciting to drive than any stock Porsche could ever hope to be.

The only draw back this car had was that the miles were much higher, sitting at 20k on delivery, but with all the options and modifications on the car it just made sense.

I bought this car in a bidding war against some of my students in ECH, but the master won with a full cash offer, because remember, cash is always king.

So, what did I pay? I was able to negotiate the car down from $179,000 to $155,000. I owned it for an entire year, barely put 300 miles on the odometer, and it just sold for $220,000, and even still, in this market, I think it is worth every penny of that $220k because there is no hotter 2016 Porsche 911 GT3RS out there.

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