Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Buyers Guide

You have heard the name before, and I know damn well you’ve seen the OG DBS before, whether in person or one of the James Bond movies. But you’ve never seen a DBS look like this before.

The DBS Superleggera comes in a time of OG model resurgence, taking the exotic car market by storm. Initially released in 2018 as a replacement to the Vanquish, the DBS Superleggera is a grand touring car that takes on the new, more edgy, angular look that Aston Martin has since moved into.

The car is incredibly impressive to look at and catches the eyes of all who see it. In my opinion, they are incredibly understated. You don’t see too many of these out on the road, the same way you never saw a lot of Vanquishes on the street or at your local cars and coffee. Sure, some could argue that it isn’t as jaw-dropping as a McLaren 570S or a Lamborghini Huracan EVO. Still, to me and many others, this car typically belongs to someone who values construction and prestige over clout.

So if you want to own a luxurious, high-performing, rare, and prestigious exotic car, keep reading to see if the DBS Superleggera could be right for you.

Driving Experience

This car is exactly what Aston Martin says it is, a grand touring car. Like the Vanquish before, it could be claimed to even be a bit boring and disingenuous to what an exotic car should feel like behind the wheel. However, it is an Aston, after all, not a Lamborghini.

The car has a 0-60 second time of just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 211 miles an hour, quite a speedy Grand Touring model if you ask me, but with a big ole twin-turbocharged V12 engine, what do you expect?

While in normal/GT mode, the car is tame and even worthy of a yawn, the car has an identity crisis between sport and sport +.

In Sport+, the car is insanely fun. It is loud and sounds terrific, but it is way too fast for the street. That is right, I said it. An Aston Martin made me scared for my life driving down the highway in Sport +.

But if you tone the car down to just Sport, you lose all of the incredible sounds that make you swoon in Sport +. The drive is more manageable but less noisy and less engaging.

So it all depends on what you’re looking for behind the wheel, but with a toggle of a switch, you are driving 3 cars in one.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Common Problems

Isn’t it funny how some 10-15 years later, with a completely new chassis and essentially entirely new car just with the same name, can still carry the issues of its predecessor?

Even with the Mercedes partnership, Aston still manages to be absolutely notorious for issues on their models that don’t change, whether it is a DBS old or new, a Vantage V8 or V12, and even their newest SUV, the DBX.

But have no fear, all these issues are well-known and can be fixed or even avoided.

What issues you are going to see mainly on these cars are as follows, a leaky oil pan as well as a leaky timing cover. Both of these obviously create and can translate to much more significant issues going on inside the motor, so they need to be addressed right away.

The squealing of the brakes. It isn’t necessarily an issue, but many people, including myself, find it incredibly annoying if you are taking this car more than to dinner and back.

Another set of issues that can also be present are an exhaust gasket leak and overall bad O2 sensors and faulty electronics in general. This means that while this won’t put the car out of commission, they will land you in the garage trying to sort it out.

However, these issues pale in comparison to the ownership experience of the DBS, so you will want to hedge your investment by simply getting your potential DBS Superleggera brought into a reputable shop for a PPI. This small few-hundred-dollar fee can detect all of the issues mentioned above as well as others and save you thousands of dollars and ensure your time of ownership is as smooth as possible.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

Many DBS Superleggeras are still currently under factory warranty, or just now having fallen out of Aston’s 3-year/unlimited mile warranty. I know what many people think, owning these types of cars out of warranty can be scary. But truthfully, if you have a trusted shop in your area, that isn’t the dealer, you are safe.

If you haven’t already made friends with your local exotic/luxury car independent shop, you need to. You’re a car hacker, after all, and while you are only dating your cars, you should want to marry your mechanic or, at the very least, make them your best man.

The Astons can be pricey to fix if you take it straight to the dealer, so you want to avoid that for anything that isn’t covered under any existing factory warranty. Typically if the car needs tires, I recommend finding tires on your own and having a trusted shop install them to avoid crazy upcharge fees. For other wear and tear issues such as brakes, spark plugs, and general service, you are looking at heavier price tags regardless of where you take this beauty. But remember, it is an Aston Martin, not a Honda. Don’t be cheap on maintenance.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Trim Differences

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is the highest trim level of its make/model/class.

Best Aston Martin DBS Superleggera To Buy

From a hacking standpoint, you will want to go with the example that is best for resale on these cars as, again, they aren’t the cars most people look for but are incredibly desired by those who know.

For the best chance at resale and value retention, you are going to want to go for a 2019 year model and ensure that it has as many carbon options as possible. More specifically, you will want a car with a carbon roof, carbon interior, carbon vents, and carbon exterior pack. These are the options I built my own with, and I regret absolutely nothing.

A strong color combo is preferred, some of the unique paint options are worth every penny, and the more eye-catching the interior against the exterior, the better. White on red does super well on these cars, black on tan does too, or even better, British racing green on tan/saddle interior.


We are seeing the age of revival in a lot of cars. Even in movies it seems everything is getting a sequel or remake these days. John Wick Chapter Four? Another Transformers? Even another Megaldon?! What more will that shark have to go through to find peace…?

And for cars, it seems every brand is redoing old classics, from the Bronco, to the Supra, to the NSX, to even the Countach, all in their own ways have pros and cons. But in actuality, a great example of rebirth is the DBS. Though not featured in any Bond movies yet, something tells me it will soon be a fan favorite on and off the silver screen.

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