Aston Martin Vanquish Buyers Guide

This might send you reeling back, but did you know the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is 19 years old this year?

Crazy, right? However, for this buyer’s guide we are going to be talking about the second generation of the Vanquish which was produced from 2012-2018, with models rolling out in the US from 2014-2018. I have personally owned three Aston Martin Vanquish models, and anytime I own a car more than once it’s a clear indicator that I love the car all around.

The Aston Martin Vanquish Second Gen received a lot of styling inspiration from its famous James Bond Predecessor, the DBS. Elongated sides, striking lines, and short but ample rear all are indicative of the DBS design. The Vanquish, though, has some parts to it that make it its own model, all vanquish’s come some of its carbon fiber body exposed on the side skirts, mirror, front diffuser, and rear bumper.

While the V12 Vanquish was indeed produced in 2012-2013, it was only made available in the UK and Europe those years, meaning we did not get to see the first edition of the Aston. In 2014, when the Vanquish hit the US market, it already had its variants: the coupe/volante, and had been given technical modifications to increase performance across the boar

This presents a unique opportunity to buy the “first year” of a U.S. car (something we don’t always advise) because Aston had largely already worked out the kinks from the 2012 and 2013 in Europe.

The 2014 Vanquish houses an eight-speed automatic Touchtronic gearbox mated to a V12 engine produces a power output of 568 horsepower and 465 foot-pounds of torque. These changes gave the Vanquish a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 201mph. Quite impressive numbers when the sight of an Aston Martin truly makes you think “beauty” rather than “beast”.

The lines of the Vanquish give you the indication that owning her is like owning a piece of artwork. Handcrafted across the pond, her elegance speaks louder than her exhaust note. With a circular hood, the Aston has numerous vents along the front, as well as a stock-from-factory carbon front/back diffuser, side skirts, and mirrors.

A large windshield enables a luxurious feel for the driver, not angled low the way a race car would be. Sides elongate the shape of the car, giving it a bullet-like figure akin to the gun from its favorite occupant: James Bond. The rear of the car is shorter and more stout. Twin exhausts sit right at the end of the car’s diffuser above the boot, with a tiny little spoiler at the back for a bit of added flare.

Overall, there is simplicity in the design of the Second Gen Vanquish, Aston did a good job taking elements from both the predecessor and the DBS to make one beautiful piece of machinery that turns heads at every corner.

Driving Experience

Getting behind the wheel of the Aston Martin Vanquish is an experience all in its own. There is nothing like the thrill of being able to push in your custom cut crystal key to hear the throaty V12 engine roar to life. Then the quality of the interior, especially on the Vanquish is enough to make you feel like you are the richest on the road. Leather and alcantara interior, hand-stitched quilting, and carbon or fine wood trimmings. Just fine dressings to highlight the already upper-level expierence that comes from driving an Aston Martin Vanquish.

The car itself is also very easy to drive. The handling isn’t anything that takes a skilled race car driver to manage. The acceleration is quick, the braking is quicker with the carbon ceramics, and the maneuverability of it in and out of roads and parking spaces is easy enough, just don’t forget to keep in mind your front and rear carbon diffusers. One mistake and you could be looking at a $6,000 problem.

Inside, the drive is comfortable for both the driver and passenger. Some Vanquish’s come as two-seaters, others as four, but to be honest, it should be a two-seater. Even with the four-seat spec, the space is so limited that only a midget would be able to fit comfortability back there.

The interior always feels expensive, but if you get an upgraded interior with diamond-stitch seating and carbon fiber trim, that will get you the “PJ approved” stamp. Regular seats and the wood inserts are fine in the older Vantage’s, but when it comes to the Vanquish, you really want to ensure you go for the most beautiful interior you can find (both for your enjoyment and resale).

As far as the configuration for the driver, everything is fairly simple. The center console bares your only storage inside the cabin, minimal is an understatement for the amount of storage inside the Vanquish. Then on the center dash, you have simple and easy to use controls for AC, radio, and also your gear shift buttons. Behind the wheel, you have your manual gauges for fuel, speed, RPM, and oil. On the wheel itself you have your sport mode “S” button option as well as other controls to adjust volume on your radio.

Driving in the Vanquish should feel nothing short of “boss-like”. With its roaring V12 engine and it’s lavish handcrafted interior, you will be living the life of luxury and turning heads at the same time.

Aston Martin Vanquish Common Problems

I feel this is a good time to bring up a key point that many forget to do, and always end up regretting it when they don’t. Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI’s) are NECESSARY on cars like the Vanquish, ESPECIALLY when looking at models that have exceeded their warranty life. Vanquish’s have very notable common problems that seem to plague almost every car that I have owned/helped source/allocated and they are: seeping shocks, faulty headlights and turning signal, broken door struts, and 02 sensors going bad left and right. While those issues may seem like  A LOT, they are also issues that can be detected with just a simple $300 PPI at a trusted auto shop. This one time $300 payment can save you thousands of dollars as well as headaches, because owning an exotic shouldn’t be a chore.

There are also some recalls present on the Aston Martin Vanquish that should be noted as well.

Aston Martin Vanquish Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

The Aston Martin Vanquish comes with AM’s 3-year/unlimited mile basic and powertrain warranty. This isn’t of much assistance to us hackers as we are looking at years that have already fallen out of this timeline.

However, a Vanquish out of warranty isn’t something to be as nervous about as maybe a McLaren 570S.

Tires for the Vanquish can range based on your personal preference. Of course, the top tear Perelli’s will run you about 1,200 all said and done. However, you can assess the tire life left in your Vanquish before purchase by doing a PPI.

The Vanquish’s oil changes can run you a pretty penny, with some places charging as much as $800 with labor/parts. However, if you use the resources section in the ECH membership portal you can find independent shops that are qualified to work on Aston Martin’s, and their prices can be much less than what a dealer would charge you.

Aston Martin Vanquish Model Year Changes

Aside from the first generation jump of the Aston Martin to the second (which is what we have been exclusively discussing in this buyer’s guide), there aren’t any adjustments to the model to note. Aside from the Vanquish S being introduced in 2016. This upgraded model features improved aerodynamic features, as well as an engine power increase, taking it to 595 horsepower, with a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, and a top speed of 201 mph. This model is featured in both coupe and volante variations.

There are new reports coming in that the Vanquish will have a rebirth come 2024 but it is all too soon to tell.

Aston Martin Vanquish Options

With such esteemed design elements coming to the Vanquish, it only makes sense that the vehicle keeps up appearances at all times. Meaning simply that there are little to no variations of the Aston Martin Vanquish in terms of options aside from wheel design, interior/exterior color, steering wheel, and seat stitching.

In our opinion at ECH, you will want to go with a color desirable for resale such as Skyfall Silver, Black, White, Red, and even a Navy Blue or Gold. As for the interior, contrast is always beautiful: red, black, tan all with the diamond stitching and carbon fiber trim.

Best Aston Martin Vanquish To Buy

As the car hasn’t had any real changes to it in it’s production time, there is only a year base that I can give you. Right now the 2014-2015 Vanquish’s are a total bang for your buck. It is A LOT of car to be driving for the money. Just be sure to look at models with less than 25,000 miles, and always ensure you get a PPI done beforehand, otherwise you run the risk of incurring $20,000 worth of problems.


I always say, if I have owned a car more than once, chances are it is a favorite. The Vanquish holds true to this. I have loved all of my Vanquish’s and to be honest, I wish I had one in the garage right now. I especially love to see these cars with an exhaust, drop, and wheels, because you are able to turn a well rounded exotic car into something that is even hotter than it’s base model. Just be sure you are picking the RIGHT wheels/suspension/exhaust, otherwise, you are going to need to become best friends with a tow truck driver and your mechanic.

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