Bentley Bentayga Buyers Guide

You have heard referred to in some of the hottest rap and hip-hop songs on the radio. You have maybe even seen one on the road in the wealthier parts of your town/state, but what do you really know about Bentley’s first SUV, the Bentayga?

Some say the release of the Bentayga was what provoked the luxury SUV race, and they would be correct. Bentley never shied away from more luxurious, larger passenger vehicles such as the Flying Spur, the Continental GTC, and the Mulsanne. However, they (like many other luxury/exotic car brands did NOT have a full-size SUV).

Yes, it is true that Porsche started it all with the Cayenne, but truthfully, the essence of luxury and class that the Bentayga possess goes a level clearly above the Cayenne in the battle of luxury SUV’s.

Released in 2016, the Bentayga was the first to receive Bentley’s new twin-turbo W12 engine, and was even proclaimed to the be fastest production SUV at the time. Capable of 0-60 in 4 seconds and having a top speed of 187 miles an hour, it will get you in and out of the parent pick-up line fast as hell!

For all intents and purposes, Bentley quickly released a V8 engine Bentayga in 2018, and though a smaller engine, it was still capable of packing a punch with 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 180 miles per hour.

Regardless of the engine size/performance ability of the Bentayga, there is a universal truth that has to be accepted, it’s a hot ass SUV.

Two notes:

  • Yes the Urus is aggressive and sexy, but for an additional 100k, c’mon now.
  • The G63 is a classic, has been dominating the luxury SUV space for years, she stands on her own two feet (er, four tires).

But when it comes to the Porsche Cayennes, the Mercedes GL-Classes, the Aston Martin DBXs, the Jaguar F-Paces, the Rollys Royce Cullinans… they all pale in comparison to the Bentley Bentayga both inside and out. Bentley’s craftsmanship is truly second to none and it shows in droves when you feast your eyes on the Bentayga.

Driving Experience

The epitome of luxury is what you will find inside of your Bentley Bentayga. While the Lamborghini Urus is a blend of sports car and SUV, the Bentayga is straight-up glorious in terms of lavishness.

Recently Bentley has stepped up their interior game to a whole new level that most brands simply can’t compete with, and that is evident from the very first stitch you lay your eyes on inside the Bentayga’s cabin. The double moon roofs make the whole top of the car open to allow natural light in and expose the magnificent leather seats and dash.

There are numerous ways to spec the interior of a Bentayga, with different colors available as well as different materials for the inserts as well. We are partial of course to more universal colors: red, black, white, saddle with corresponding inserts black piano wood, carbon fiber, or dark wood. Diamond stitching in the seats is also a must as it elevates the experience and the value of the car overall for resale

All gauges in the dash are digital and the center console/screen is simple to use, navigate and access whether you are the driver or the passenger. Room is also not an issue as the SUV boasts plenty of legroom whether you are in the back or the front of the Bentayga. Just be mindful as some Bentaygas can be four or five seaters depending how it was optioned.

Since the Bentayga isn’t overly large like the Cullinan, the usability and the drivability of it are pretty high. It isn’t rough and tough like a G-Wagon, so of course, you will still want to be mindful of parking in a large busy parking lot like the grocery store.

Bentley Bentayga Common Problems

Bentleys tend to make decently reliable cars, sure they have their quirks and issues like control arms and suspension, but that’s with any heavier vehicle that is getting a lot of miles put on it.

As for the Bentayga, there are quite a bit of open recalls for their models, however, it isn’t jarring as when a brand new car comes out on a brand new chassis it is common to have kinks in the conveyer belt. This is nothing to fear, just prior to purchasing a Bentayga verify with the seller that all recalls have been addressed by the dealer. Also, here is a list of all active recalls currently on Bentaygas.

Depending upon the year, your Bentayga may also be under warranty, a good point to note with these beasts is that if it is in fact under warranty, simply bring it to your local Bentley dealer and ask them to address every issue they find with the car that is covered under warranty. You may get a clean bill of health, or you may come to find that there were problems you didn’t even know about lurking under the hood that would have veered their ugly and expensive heads just two weeks after your warranty was out.

Bentley Bentayga Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

Bentaygas, regardless of the year, come with Bentley’s 3 year unlimited mile warranty, so bear this in mind when searching for a Bentayga of your own, as some of the 2018’s could still fall under warranty (time of this writing is August of 2021).

Outside of warranty, Bentley’s are just like any other exotic and can be expensive to repair if you aren’t properly resourced. However, with a good third part technician, there are ways to save on costs rather than footing a five-figure bill straight from the franchise Bentley dealership. Join us in Exotic Car Hacks to get access to our list of approved shops that charge a fraction of dealer costs.

As stated above, Bentleys of all kinds are notorious for control arms issues, suspension issues, and motor mounts, just like any heavy, more frequently used car. So prior to purchasing your Bentayga ensure that you get a PPI done at a trusted, independent from the seller shop. This couple hundred dollar expensive could potentially save you thousands down the road.

Bentley Bentayga Year Changes

Released in 2016, there have not been a ton of changes made to the Bentley Bentayga, but some model trims have since come out that are worth noting.

2016– release with W12 engine

2018– V8 engine option introduced to the market

2019– The Bentayga Speed was made available, featuring the W12 engine. This model has a tuned engine to get the SUV to do 0-60 in just 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 190 miles per hour. It also boasts some modifications: rear spoiler, sporty lower body kit, 22-inch wheels with a Mulliner interior package.

2020– the W12 base version is eliminated. Only W12 Bentayga is the Speed trim.

Bentayga S trim is introduced, same modifications as the Speed however it possesses a V8 engine rather than the W12.

Bentley Bentayga Options

Aside from the obvious engine trim options, there are further options for the Bentayga’s. Unlike a lot of other brands, but similar to Ferrari, Bentley offers a lot of a la carte options that can tailor-make your Bentley rather than just standard package intensive upgrades.

We have gone ahead and attached a link HERE to the spec sheet of a 2020 Bentley Bentayga to show what features come standard on these luxury SUVs and which ones can cost you up to nearly $50,000 for one single option.

Best Bentley Bentayga To Buy

The best year to buy a Bentley Bentayga from a hacking standpoint is going to be a 2018 year with a W12 engine.

2018 is the perfect age where the initial depreciation has taken place so now only further miles and condition will drive the price down.

As for the engine preference, the W12 commands a higher dollar as in the following years 2020+ the W12 engine is only found in the Speed trims and is therefore more desirable in terms of a hack at the older year.


If you are looking for an SUV that boasts the prestige, status, and luxurious feel that only Bentley can provide, then look no further than the Bentayga. Sure Rolls Royce and Bentley have been at odds for years in the name of top dog luxury driving, but honestly, in the SUV game, Rolls Royce clearly took second as the Cullinan (aka Big Black Taxi Cab from London) has nothing other than size on the superior Bentley Bentayga.

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