Does Blue Interior Really Bring More Money? Let’s find out!

I have owned 3 Lamborghini Urus’s. And if I own a car more than once, you have to assume that it is a favorite for me. The Urus is an SUV that is absolutely perfect for me. I do like the G-Wagon for its tough and tried nature in the Florida weather. But the Urus appeals more to the desire for a more fun driving experience every time you get behind the wheel.

Another thing that excites me greatly? Money. And the money I have made off my Urus’s, especially this one, has for sure influenced my decision to go back for seconds and thirds.

Buying Short Cuts

2020 Lamborghini Urus

MSRP NEW: $290,000

Good Mileage: Under 10k

Options Preferred: Q stitching, 23 inch wheels, Convenience Pack, Driver Assist Pack, Alcantara Interior, Gloss black exterior pack

Nice options (Not mandatory): Premium exterior paint, Rear Entertainment, Rear Executive Seating

Warranty: 3yr/unlimited miles

Cost Breakdown

Purchase price: $259,000

Financing: Cash

Total payments: N/A

Other expenses during (5) months:

  • Service: N/A
  • Mods: $5,000 PPF and $12,000 Body Kit (removed prior to sell for next Urus)
  • Repairs: N/A

Total Invested For (5) Months of Ownership: $5,000

Sold: $275,000

Total GAIN of ownership: $11,000

GAIN Divided into Monthly ownership: $2,200/month

Comments: One of the craziest colored Urus’s I have ever bought. It included really good options. Making the car Matte White with the PPF made it more appealing on the sale and eventually I accepted a lower dollar than what I really was after because my new 2021 Pearl Capsule Urus was coming in. 


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