This Is My Fourth Blu Glauco Lamborghini… HELP ME!

Its official, I am obsessed with Blu Glauco, I know it is not everyones cup of tea, but I swear it is mine and I can’t stop. I have now spec’d 4 Lamborghini’s in this Ad Persona color and I have no intention on stopping.

Do you want to know if my blue obsession earned me money or cost me my ass, keep reading.



Buying Short Cuts

2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD

MSRP NEW: $265,000

Good Mileage: N/A (new car hacks)

Options Preferred: Mesh wheels, Sport Seats, Cup Holder, Gloss Pack

Nice options (Not mandatory): Ad Persona Premium Paint

Warranty: 3yr/unlimited miles

Cost Breakdown

Purchase price: $253,000

Financing: Cash

Total payments: N/A

Other expenses during (4) months:

  • Service: N/A
  • Mods: $5000 Full PPF $1,500 Suspension
  • Repairs: N/A

Total Invested For (4) Months of Ownership: $6,500

Sold: $275,000

Total GAIN of ownership: $15,500

GAIN Divided into Monthly ownership: $3,875/month

Comments: I have an unhealthy obsession with Blu Glauco. However it is one of the hardest colors to resell as it is not generically loved like other ad persona colors, but when it does sell, it will always bring the highest premium dollar due to the rarity and the intensity of the paint in person. Based on my pre-exisiting relationship with Lamborghini and the growing market looming overhead, I was still able to negotiate down the MSRP by $15,000 using ECH New Cars Hacks Strategies. 


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