Lamborghini Urus Buyers Guide

The SUV that took the exotic world by storm: The Lamborghini Urus. When Lamborghini announced the Urus, the car world truly stood still and waited with bated breath to see what it would be like. Sure, there have been a lot of SUV announcements in the last two years from Porsche to Aston Martin. But something about Lamborghini, one of the most (if not the most) famous exotic CAR brands in the world making a daily driver? It wasn’t something anyone could ignore.

Originally, the Urus had its concept unveiling at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. The car that was shown then certainly is not the car you see stampeding down the streets today. We can thank the Autombili Lamborghini gods for that.

The Urus certainly has the standard Lamborghini design philosophy – lower to the ground than a normal SUV would be, very aggressive front end, with a sleek mid body with an ample rear.

However, when the Urus did initially come out, there was a lot of speculation on its design as it looks very close to Audi’s Q8 in exterior design, the Urus just being a little bit more of an angular and wider body.

To be quite honest, unless the Urus is in a loud contrast color it can blend in a little bit in the sea of SUVs I see down here in South Florida, and I suppose this can be considered a good and a bad thing.

In the game of luxury and exotic brand SUV chess, let’s see how the Urus does.

Driving Experience

The Urus has a lot of power for a grocery getter; it is a Lamborghini after all.

The Urus strays away from Lamborghinis traditional naturally aspirated V10/V12 engines. Instead, the SUV sports 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

You can find this engine in dozens of VW Group vehicles such as the Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Continental V8, Bentley Continental Flying Spur V8, Audi S and RS models. The engine was of course tweaked to meet the sporty demand that a Lamborghini consumer would demand, the output of this particular engine is 641 horsepower and 627 pounds of torque. That is about 100 horsepower and 59 pounds of torque MORE than the base engine that sits in the aforementioned luxury and exotic models.

The interior of the Lamborghini Urus is quite nice. Usually, Lamborghini interiors to me are overall very lack luster, so after owning three Urus’s now I have to say I am impressed and hope to see this carry on into other models in the future.

The Urus is an SUV after all so it is more spacious than an Aventador would be, of course. The center console is perhaps the coolest part of the whole interior. You have the cockpit feel with the two LED screens, the top dedicated to media/nav/radio and the bottom being dedicated to climate control, seating, etc. But beneath that is the drive mode settings for the Urus, including between 7 different drive modes for you to toggle between.

STRADA- Street Mode

SPORT- Sport Mode

CORSA- Race Mode

SABBIA- Sand Mode

TERRA- Dirt Mode

NEVE- Snow Mode

EGO- Custom Mode

So no matter what sort of weather, the Urus is made to handle it, but perhaps avoid off-roading as this still is a quarter-million dollar daily driver.

Lamborghini Urus Common Problems

With the Lamborghini Urus still being a “new” car, there haven’t been all that many issues to report yet. However, already there has been a recall issued for 2019-2020 Lamborghini Urus’s due to a fuel leak, we have supplied the full recall information for you below.

If you are looking at purchasing a Urus, due to the severity of this recall we highly recommend you check with the dealer/seller to ensure this recall was addressed and that the car is free and clear of this issue.

Recall Number: 20V713000

Recall Date




Automobili Lamborghini (Lamborghini) is recalling certain 2019-2020 Urus vehicles. High temperatures in the engine compartment may damage the fuel line quick connector, possibly resulting in a fuel leak.

A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of fire.

What Owners Should Do
Lamborghini will notify owners, and dealers will replace the fuel line and quick connector, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin December 18, 2020. Owners may contact Lamborghini customer service at 1-866-681-6276. Lamborghini’s number for this recall is L636-R.02.20.

Lamborghini Urus Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

So with the Urus still being new to the scene, all models currently on the market are covered by Lamborghini’s factory warranty: 3 years/unlimited miles basic & 3 years/unlimited mile powertrain.

However, like any Lamborghini, there is going to be a heftier price tag on repairs. Right now under warranty, all services are covered: oil changes, spark plugs, etc. But when the Urus comes out of warranty, you’ll want to ensure that you aren’t taking it to the dealer every time a service is needed as you will break the bank in doing so.

The better bet is to find a good, reliable, third party shop that is skilled in working with exotics, especially Lamborghini’s for any work that would be needed afterward.

Lamborghini Urus Model Year Changes

With the Lamborghini Urus being relatively new to the market there have been no model year changes as of yet.

Lamborghini Urus Options

When it comes to exotic car brands, we know that Ferrari reigns supreme on option based MSRP raises.

However as of late Lamborghini has been doing more to accommodate to higher sticker prices, with options being added to raise MSRP and the overall value of a car when it comes time to resale.

For the Urus, while there aren’t any higher-level trims, you can still find a high sticker, loaded base model relatively well. If you want to know what options cost more than standard equipment, check out the link HERE to compare and contrast.

Best Lamborghini Urus To Buy

With the years to buy limited as this is still a new production car, we feel the 2019’s are your best bet, but please keep in mind THE URUS IS NOT A GUARANTEED DRIVE-FOR-FREE HACK (YET), so please don’t go purchasing your own and thinking you are going to effortlessly hack your way into it, it’s still too new to be held for long without some risk exposure.

You will want your 2019 to have a sticker of at least $255k. This means it will be a high optioned Urus and will likely hold its value better through its initial depreciation curve.

Contrast colors on the exterior are favorable: yellow, red, etc, while the interior needs to have Ad Personam design pack and ambient lighting. If the interior also has cockpit seating and rear entertainment, then you are making a safer choice than Urus’s without these two options.

23” wheels are also a great option to have for resale, however, it is difficult to get tires for that size so be advised on that before purchasing.


2020-2021 will be the years of the dopest SUV’s on the road, there is no doubt about that. Everything from the new G Wagon, to the Bentayga, the Cullinan, and even the new Aston Martin DBX, but when it comes down to it the Urus is the one that rules them all if you are truly looking for the SPORT(y) utility vehicle.

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